BOCK : FK 40/470K

Remanufactured BOCK FK 40/470 K Compressor ****ALL OEM PARTS*******

Remanufactured FK 40/470 K
Fully remanufactured BOCK FK 40/470 K A/C Compressor, only 1,950.00 with a two year warranty. FOB San Antonio. Complete with capacity control. All other models and capacities available. Genuine BOCK parts used

General Information
Manufacturer: BOCK
Type: HVAC
Model: FK 40/470K
Price: $1,950.00
Mileage: 0
Location: San Antonio, TX

Seller's Name
Company: World Wide Bus Parts

Seller's Name
Name: Simon Ridout

Seller's Phone
Phone 1: 760-244-9500
Phone 2: 800-925-8824