Part (Unknown Manufacturer)


2 Tires 11R24.5 14 ply Tubeless that would be a perfect spare for your Eagle Coach. #1 is on a steel Budd Rim with I would say 70+ tread left. This tire in mounted, removal from steel rim costs will be added to listed price. Tire #1 was a take off I purchased in North Florida when I brought our coach home. Had to buy this one as we had a may pop blow and second may pop blew taking it off wood blocks. Tire #1 has been stored until last 6 months indoors. Last 6 months under canvas against Coach House. #2 is not mounted. It was a US Government excess property sale item. It still has some of the nubs from manufacture. It also has 70+ tread depth. These tires are being offered because I went to new Generals and Alcoa Rims and they are in way. These tires are for pick up only as freight would be costly. Removing tire #1 from rim costs would be added to listed price.

General Information
Manufacturer: Undisclosed
Type: Wheels / Tires
Price: $125.00
Location: Saint Petersburg, FL

Seller's Phone
Phone 1: (727) 343-3368