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EVERBLADES® Heated Windshield Wiper Blades

Everblades® Heated Windshield Wipers have always been popular with people who have to continue operating in snow and ice conditions.  In late 2010, we changed our wiper material to silicone rubber with a new squeegee profile design for better durability, life, and functionality.  New engineering and production processes have paid-off and allow us to announce that testing of our new Everblades® design proves them to be better than ever!

The new Everblades® Heated Windshield Wipers now provide an excellent streak free wipe – whether they are heated or not!  Winter driving vision, safety and productivity are enhanced by the new Everblades®.  Learn more by clicking on the link to the right or give us a call!


W N Miller Company, Inc.
PO Box 113
Houghton, MI 49931
Toll free: 800-746-0428
Fax: 906-482-3174

Website: http://www.everblades.com
Email: jim@everblades.com


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